Finding an Auto Loan Without a License

Finding an Auto Loan Without a License

A lender will not give you a car loan unless you can provide proof of insurance on the vehicle you are purchasing. Once you have coverage, the next step is to find a loan, assuming you will not be paying with cash or credit. Some lenders will not provide a loan without a valid driver’s license. Others may consider it, but only if you prove that you’re going to be able to pay for the vehicle.

The reasoning behind this is that an unlicensed driver could get arrested and then not make payments. So that is why you need to prove that you will not be driving the vehicle, perhaps explaining to the lender who will be driving the car and under what circumstances.

If you are looking for the best rate, a big bank may not be the best choice. They tend to have stricter rules, and if you get a loan, it may not be an ideal rate. Many banks flat out refused to finance used cars anyway. Instead, you may want to find a credit union in your area. Credit unions tend to be more willing to work with people in unique situations. You will likely need to bring along the primary driver so you can make your case.

If you cannot obtain a fair loan through a bank or credit union, look into other routes to get a personal loan. Sometimes, a credit card with a low introductory interest rate may cover a sizeable portion of the vehicle’s price, especially if the seller is willing to cover the transaction fees. Getting a car without a license is possible, but as you can see, you might end up paying more if not paying with cash.

Shopping for a Car Without a License

Another difficulty associated with car buying without a license is that the dealership (or private sellers, for that matter) won’t allow you to test drive a new vehicle or used car without a valid license. Naturally, this makes it challenging for a non-driving car buyer to make an informed purchase. The best approach is to bring the primary driver with you and allow them to test drive the vehicle. While you will not be able to feel what it is like to drive the car, the driver should help you determine if the car is a good buy.

If you do not have a driver – maybe you are buying a collectible car – you can bring someone you know with a license to test drive it for you. A salesperson or the seller may also be willing to take the car out with you as a passenger. Just pay close attention to any bumps, noises, or other occurrences that do not seem right.

You May Want to Get a License Anyways

If you can, you may want to consider getting a driver’s license before going through the car buying process, even if your foot is never going to touch the gas pedal. Of course, that is not always possible, but you can save a lot of time and effort if it is.

A lack of a driver’s license limits your options for finding car insurance coverage, getting a loan, registering the vehicle, and shopping for a vehicle. And it may also cost you more by way of increased insurance rates. It is possible to overcome these hurdles, but it may take more research and time.

If you plan on getting a license in the future, it is easier to wait until you have it before buying a vehicle. That way, you do not need to bother transferring ownership and adjusting your insurance policy. And you may also be able to get an auto loan with better terms.

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